The Team

agf-danielDaniel McNicoll – Executive Director

Daniel‘s first film Reclaiming the Blade  featuring Viggo Mortensen, Karl Urban and Star Wars legend Bob Anderson, went on to become a #1 on iTunes and Netflix and was narrated by actor and friend John Rhys-Davies. Other projects include Hobbit in 5 and upcoming epic Glastonbury: Isle of Light currently in development with producer Ned Dowd (Count of Monte Cristo, Last of the Mohicans), Weta Workshop Director Richard Taylor (Avatar) and Illustrator John Howe (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Narnia). Current projects include a new documentary with Batman Begins and Dark Knight stunt coordinators. Daniel has worked closely with soundtrack label Lakeshore Records, Apple iTunes, Anchor Bay and Starz Media.


NualaBWCropShot (3)Nuala Quinn-Barton – Executive Producer

President of Mania Entertainment with offices in Hollywood and London is an accomplished Producer. She brings to the table her passion and expertise with over 25 years of success across the Visual and Entertainment Arts. Her broad areas of expertise include fundraising, film development and production; distribution, and international creative and artistic talent representation. She is the Mother and talent manager of actress Mischa Barton (Notting Hill, Sixth Sense, The OC). Nuala’s past films include Homecoming, The First Third Half, Fox’s Goodbye Christopher Robin scheduled for Theatrical release Fall 2017. In pre-production Naughty Boys, and in active development Marilyn Monroe Returns, For the Love of a Butterfly. Over the years she has worked closely with many Hollywood executives and most major studios, both in the United States and Britain.


agf-marshallMarshall Wells –  Head of Physical Production

Marshall oversees production at Galatia Films and has considerable experience both in the studio and in the field. A graduate of Clemson University and director of View Digital Media, Marshall has been managing many films in production and many other major commercial shoots. Marshall sees to about ever aspect of the production, from budgeting, crew management, line producing, special effects, camera, editing and sound. Seeing to corporate client needs and on set management are his speciality as well as just generally making sure things run smooth throughout all aspects of production.


agf-robinRobin Gurland – Development Executive

Robin  began her film casting career working with Francis Ford Coppola, she worked as a local casting director on over a dozen features including The Joy Luck Club. Her first feature as casting director was on James and the Giant Peach. Gurland was hired by George Lucas as casting director for his latest installments to the Star Wars series. She worked for George Lucas until 2000 assembling an international cast of actors from Los Angeles to New Zealand. While at Lucasfilm, she also worked on special projects for both Lucasfilm and ILM. Robin has continued as an independent casting director with Bee Season starring Richard Gere and Juliette Binoche for Fox Searchlight.


agf-ianIan Brodie –  Photographer/Associate Producer

Ian an award winning movie photographer and location guidebook author. Most notably he authored the best selling Lord of the Rings Guidebooks for HarperCollins. Currently he is wrapping up a location guide book for Warner Bros‘ The Hobbit.  Over the years Ian has worked closely with many of the industry’s top actors, producers, filmmakers and publishers. Peter Jackson has said thanks to Ian’s help “Tolkien fans, for whom the films were made, can  experience their own unique insight into the magic and complexity of Middle-earth”.


agf-karolinaKarolina Neyrus – PR & Marketing Director

Business development, production management, social media and public relations are just a few of Karolina’s many talents. Being surrounded by business minded people and big celebrities from the young age, Karolina has developed a passion for helping people and businesses succeed. Her unique experiences range from being the host of one of the Ukraine’s popular TV shows, to a well-known radio producer and a talent agent representing some of the most successful Russian and Eastern-European musicians, models and actors. Currently Karolina is heading up PR at Galatia Films and is the producer for the hit weekly geek/martial arts show SwordTalks.


agf-markMark Cole, ESQ – General Advisor

Mark is a business lawyer answers as vice Pres. and General Counsel to US Development Group LLC. Heading up legal at Galatia Films, Mark has been involved in numerous nationwide campaigns and has served as a director of several nonprofit organizations. He has earned degrees from Baylor, Yale, Notre Dame Law school and the University of Houston Law Center. Mark’s role at Galatia Films is a key one, advising and crucial junctures and overseeing the development process. Mark is a huge fan of movies and in his spare time enjoys reading great poets and historians.


agf-john3John Turner – Director of Media Relations UK

John is a professional Chartered Marketer, and a lecturer in professional marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK. He is a marketing consultant for the Somerset Tourism Association and its lead brand Visit Somerset. Ambassador for Travel and Tourism in the South West and CEO of JT Communications. John’s education includes Wellsway School and Bath College. With unrivaled enthusiasm and highly creative abilities, mixed with an overriding desire to make sure that the basic principles of professional marketing are adhered to John is high skilled in his profession.


JacobTaubBandWJacob Taub –  Project Development

Jacob has been working in the movie and television business  for the past 8 years and is heading up development on Glastonbury: Isle of LIght for Galatia Films. Originally working as a development assistant in Los Angeles, he has earned a strong reputation for “getting things done”. Securing talent for both documentaries and feature narratives, Jacob has witnessed all aspects of the development and pre-production process. Working in tandem with Hollywood talent agencies to secure attachments, he has been a strong asset to the Galatia team. His background is originally in finance where he worked as an assistant for a Charles Schwab broker in New Jersey.


JacobTaubBandWPatrick McClanahan –  Acquisitions/Dev

After managing production on the documentary Escaping the Holocaust, Patrick gained a great deal of experience within key areas of development and distribution. A budding producer and creative entrepreneur, Patrick draws on his knowledge of event planning, marketing, production, the music industry and film development to aid in the vision of Galatia Films. Involved in a number of projects behind the scenes, Patrick was exposed to many well-known creative minds within the entertainment industry. These industry insiders in turn sparked his ambitions to follow a career in film. Along with his interests in movie and film production, Patrick is also developing a new music platform launching in the near future.


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