Galatia Films, LLC is a full service production company, with a combined total of 25 years experience in commercial and theatrical film production. Through Galatia and View Digital Media’s award winning network we are able to produce films of any budget, size and scope. Galatia can manage the very best and most cost effective production services available. With a film collective spanning the globe, our dedicated team can provide you with expertise and quality in scheduling, budgets, personnel, international crews, negotiating, casting, design, digital effects, animation, photography, legal and accounting.

Essential, off-the-shelf services for creating and selling retail-ready DVDs online

* Authoring—Encoding, menu design and mastering
* Replication—High-quality DVD creation
* Artwork—Cover & disc art design
* E-Commerce—Online sales & shopping cart set-up
* Fulfillment—Order processing & shipping
* Customer Service—Order issue management
* List Management—Email list creation & management

Custom marketing strategies developed around the unique attributes of your film, designed to help you find your audience and maximize sales

* Core Audience Identification—Identifying audience segments and how to effectively reach them
* Trailer Development—Creation of promotional materials
* Viral Marketing—Enlisting fans to spread the word
* Affiliate Marketing—Generating sales through partnerships with other sites, organizations, blogs, corporations, and other entities
* Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—Utilizing key words and meta-tags to increase search rankings
* Blogging—Building buzz through online communities and links
* Database Marketing—Utilizing other fanbases to reach new customers
* Public Relations—Online and offline publicity generated by our corps of indie film publicists
* Web Site Design—Development of a dynamic and personal site to promote your film, engage your fanbase and build your career
* Film Festival Strategy—Strategies to effectively and cost efficiently make a splash at film festivals

Expose your film to the widest audience possible with retail distribution from Galatia Films Entertainment. With overall distribution plus home video deals, we can place exceptional independent films in retailers like Walmart, Hastings, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Blockbuster, and more. Filmmakers have real options for their retail rights with Galatia with transparent deals and non-exclusive distribution options, so producers stay in control of your retail distribution.

Galatia Films can work with theatrical exhibitors in order to secure seamless delivery to audiences worldwide. Galatia will be responsible for ensuring a full line of advertising material for each film to assist the exhibitor in building the largest audience possible. A prints and advertising budget can be procured as well as the management of foreign pre-sales.

The future is digital, just as music fans don’t lug around cases and books of cds anymore. Hard copy dvds will fade out just the same. The music industry has always led in this regard. In conjunction with our many parters, Galatia Films Entertainment is able to offer filmmakers a distribution deal that lasts for just three years and is limited to North American retail and digital downloads, so you can retain your other rights and also self-distribute your DVD from your own web site and work any other deals available for the film. Galatia can even help negotiate and find theses deals for certain films.

Galatia Films Entertainment has negotiated volume pricing with our duplication partners. In many cases we use the same manufactures of the major Hollywood studios including Disney which is one of the largest DVD producers in the US. This allows us to offer our clients lower costs for services than they are able to negotiate or obtain on their own. Talk to us about our low cost, high quality duplication options.