The Editing Process of 24

Aurora Award-Winning, Platinum Best of Show – Art/Culture, The Academy Of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation. Includes outtakes and interviews with actors and other FOX 24 principals. Ideal for Production & Mass Communication Classes & Students Wanting to enter the TV Business. Featuring primetime series and the people who create them, Journeys Below the Line captures, up close and personal, the realistic inner workings of the craft and technical jobs that are essential to the creation of successful television. Each program of the series illustrates an exciting Emmy-worthy career area by observing and interviewing top professionals.

This TV Academy produced series will take you deep inside the television industry where few have been privileged to view. Incorporating exciting on-set production footage, insightful interviews with cast and crew, and spirited give-and-take with media arts students, these powerful presentations will both enlighten and educate audiences around the country. The Editing Process – goes behind the scenes with the editors of the FOX Television hit, 24 and emphasizes the jobs contributing to the distinctive editorial look and style of the series. Follow the shooting of a 24 scene in a metro station, focusing on the script supervisor, Anne Melville, and the notes she makes that help the editor. It then follows these notes to the editor’s room where Scott Powell uses them to build the scene. As Scott works on this scene and others he discusses the various aspects of his job and how he approaches editing so that his work follows 24’s overall style. Director Jon Cassar sits with Scott and gives his input to the work in progress. Throughout the program many others who work on 24 discuss their involvement with and appreciation of the editorial process.

Lead actor Kiefer Sutherland introduces the show and tells how a visit to the editing room helped him improve his acting, and other actors, including Elisha Cuthbert, Carlos Bernard, Reiko Aylesworth, and Penny Johnson-Jerald, comment on their perceptions of the importance of editing and script supervision. Comes complete with Bonus Material for Students & Faculty. Includes suggested curriculum material for television production courses currently taught in university and college Film/TV programs. Includes outtakes and interviews with representatives of the editors guild and the script supervisors guild.