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Dec 13

Ian Brodie, award winning photographer and author of The Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook and forthcoming, The Hobbit Location Guidebook, has set his sights on Glastonbury for his next book project, Journey Through Somerset. His recent trip to Somerset had a lot to do with a realization that the county certainly had the cultural landscape to support a full and proper travel guide. The best selling travel guide author, previously published by HarperCollins, believes that the county is rich beyond measure in great physical and cultural beauty. 

Originally it was the profound Arthurian myths and legends surrounding Glastonbury that brought Ian to Somerset county, that and the fact that the New Zealander traces his own family heritage to the region. Brodie explains, “I have done some pretty high profile travel books surrounding Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth and Andrew Adamson’s Narnia in New Zealand and while I love New Zealand I have always wanted to go back to the start, as it were, and what better county in Britain to focus in on than Somerset.”

Tourism operator and Visit Somerset director, John Turner was able to confirm Ian’s findings that indeed the county is ripe for more growth. Just this last year the county’s visibility has expanded, emerging as one of the hottest counties in the UK, with their own Visit Somerset brand now trailing right behind Visit Scotland. The significance of these discoveries is magnified even more so by the fact that the US film production company, Galatia Films, along with top international filmmakers, will be producing a movie based on the legends and myths surrounding Joseph of Arimathea and the Holy Grail at Glastonbury.

Galatia Films’ executive director Daniel McNicoll clarifies, “Glastonbury is known for it’s annual music festival, but greater still are it’s phenomenal myths and legends. Glastonbury is Britain’s Jerusalem, it is the clearest ruby in the center of a golden crown that is England.” Ian Brodie agrees and Galatia Films and Visit Somerset are fully backing a new campaign to help Ian raise the funds to produce Journey Through Somerset. Brodie, who has sold over a million copies of his very popular travel guides to New Zealand as Middle-earth and Cameras in Narnia, will be able to visually capture Somerset in a way that it has never before been seen.

The Glastonbury movie, which is now set to begin production in 2014, has garnered the support of Star Wars casting director, Robin Gurland, actor/producer John Rhys-Davies, academy award winning special effects director, Richard Taylor (King Kong, Avatar, The Hobbit), along with star production talent behind some of the decade’s biggest blockbusters. McNicoll continues, “We hope to build awareness for these amazing Somerset legends as a run up to the film, informing the public of such momentous myths that could in fact be very timely and world changing. We’re encouraging people to visit WhatIsGlastonbury.com to learn more.”

Each year sees more and more travelers visiting sites such as Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset hoping to discover the secrets of King Arthur and the Holy Grail. Readers who are unable to visit will also have the opportunity to feel as though they have been on the journey themselves. “This is where it all begins and what these pilgrims and wayfarers need is a solid travel book guiding them through the spiritual and physical journey”, explained John Turner. With the film set to begin production in 2014 it would appear that this is a very good opportunity for both the county and the rest of the world to recognize just how significant Glastonbury and the wider Somerset are.


Nov 10

Our mission is to sign quality award winning films with solid talent while working with filmmakers and producers to utilize innovative techniques during the distribution process.

In many ways Galatia Films Entertainment provides independent filmmakers and producers direct access to digital and traditional retailers and broadcasters. We deliver content in all major markets, custom crafting marketing, publicity and advertising campaigns. Galatia Films Entertainment. is your way into the traditional distributions system with solid support and backing.

Founded in 2005 by writer/director Daniel McNicoll and producer Erica Black Galatia Films was established to produce McNicoll’s first film Reclaiming the Blade featuring Lord of the Rings stars Viggo Mortensen, Karl Urban and John Rhys Davies in addition to Star Wars sword legend Bob Anderson and other Hollywood sword martial artist and design experts. The film was a number 1 documentary on iTunes in 2009 and has sold very well at Best Buy, Hastings, Barnes and Noble, Blockbuster and Amazon.com. Daniel McNicoll is currently directing a new documentary on the Keysi Fighting Method as seen in Batman Begins and Dark Knight. Galatia have created a new project titled GLASTONBURY: ISLE OF LIGHT. Those involved on the project include producer Ned Dowd (Last of the Mohicans, Count of Monte Cristo, Reign of Fire); Skywalker Sound’s Kent Sparling (Twighlight, Star Wars, Titanic); conceptual designer John Howe (Lord of the Rings, Narnia); Weta Digital director Richard Taylor (X-Men, King Kong) among many others.

Galatia Films Entertainment, official launched January 2010, is now the digital sale rep for the Victory Multimedia catalog of films to iTunes, Netfilx, Ingram and Baker&Taylor (this is David Solomon and Randy Freeman’s company out of LA). Victory is the #1 aggregator for both physical and digital to Netflix, 100 new labels and 30 new companies a month. Our catalogs include many titles with major awards and a-list talent, including Billy Bob Thornton, Steve Buscemi, Kristen Bell, Orlando Bloom, Jude Law, Carrie Preston, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton and many others. This wholly new distribution arm of Galatia Films will be set up for independent producers and filmmakers. Sony, iTunes, Xbox Live, Google, YouTube and others are partners.

“…called the “Gallia” of the East, Roman writers calling its inhabitants Galli. They were of Gauls and Greeks, and hence were called Gallo-Graeci, and the country Gallo-Graecia. The Galatians were in their origin a part of that great Celtic migration which invaded Macedonia about B.C. 280. They were great warriors, and hired themselves out as mercenary soldiers, sometimes simultaneously fighting on both sides of great battles during their time.”

Oct 20

Reclaiming the Blade held the top position in the documentary category on Apple iTunes for several weeks this summer. Lord of the Rings stars Viggo Mortensen, Karl Urban, John Rhys-Davies, John Howe and Richard Taylor join with legendary Hollywood sword master and fight choreographer Bob Anderson to celebrate the history of the sword. Reclaiming the Blade has also made it into the top 100 iTunes films of all time! You can read more about it here.

Also, be sure to read some of the recent reviews of the film. From the New York Post to Home Media, Reclaiming the Blade has been wowing reviewers all over the nation and around the world. To read more of our recent reviews, visit our updated “Reviews and Interviews” page. Here’s a sample of recent quotes:

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