How Do I Get Started?
Email us at: contact[as]galatiafilms[dot]com or give us a call and provide us with information regarding your film.

ph. 323.208.9791 – fx. 323.208.9793

Be sure to include your contact information. A Galatia representative will contact you to discuss your distribution options.

Will Galatia Films Entertainment Release My Film?
Perhaps, but Galatia Films does not take all submissions. Send us your film and let us have a look, we are looking for the right films that are a best fit for our programs. (see below)

Important Information and More Details
Galatia Films Entertainment is seeking award-winning films and other compelling dramas for national retail distribution through their own unique program. In conjunction with multiple partners, including iTunes, Paramount, Sony and many others, Galatia is able to offer filmmakers a distribution deal that lasts for just three years and is limited to North American retail and digital downloads, so you can retain your other rights and also self-distribute your DVD from your own web site. Our deals are extremely transparent Non-exclusive Home Video and Digital Distribution Deals

Get access to retail audiences while retaining all your rights with a non-exclusive home distribution deal. We can connect you with companies that will distribute your DVDs in national retailers, both online and off, without requiring you to transfer your home video rights. Our percent and deal point are simply the lowest in the industry, thus giving more money back to the producers and filmmakers.

Getting into traditional and digital outlets such as Walmart, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Blockbuster can be difficult for producers.  Galatia solved that by pre-negotiating terms with the best retailers coast-to-coast and around the globe.  Galatia is able to distribute film to the most important markets.

The main difficulty for many independent producers is not having retail access and a clear understanding of audience. In order for films to succeed producers need the resources to create title awareness and the ability to get their film promoted and on shelves.

The most efficient way to create awareness for an independent film is through press. Galatia Films Entertainment has the resources and expertise to reach many areas of the press and media. Galatia is able to handle everything a film needs: distributing the trailers, posters and marketing materials, having the film reviewed by major critics and coordinating the press screenings.

From press releases to getting your trailer placed on big sites and reviewed in major publication, Galatia films can generate awareness for your film. Through strategic planning and media targeting, Galatia creates the necessary buzz ensure sold print review.

Producers that partner with Galatia Films Entertainment often times stay more independent, in charge, and involved in the sales channels than filmmakers who go with other distribution options. Galatia is the only distribution company that shares all accounting and sales reports with it’s producers. And we report to you as soon as we receive such sales date.  For instance, keeping your rights separate will allow you to get the top dollar for each channel. Galatia helps producers sell retail, direct, foreign, domestic and educational. With hybrid distribution, you can make the most of your rights across every channel

Big stores, big audiences, and big opportunities—expose your film to the widest audience possible with solid retail distribution. With overall distribution plus home video deals, we can place exceptional independent films in retailers like Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Blockbuster, and more.

We help filmmakers and producers maximize sales, build your audiences across multiple distribution channel. We maximize producer profits and transparency.